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Sniper 2 External Master Kit (Polished, Inline Pump – Without PDM – 3.5 in. Handheld)


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The #1 EFI conversion system just got better! Introducing Sniper 2 EFI – a self-tuning, easy-to-install, EFI conversion for common 4-barrel (4150 flange) style carburetors. We took everything that we learned from the original Sniper EFI system and added 14 new features that will make your EFI conversion more simple, reliable, and modern. Like all Sniper EFI systems, Sniper 2 is designed to work with the Sniper Ecosystem that includes Hyperspark ignition, complete fuel systems, multiple user interfaces/dash displays, and more. New for Sniper 2 is the optional Power Distribution Module (PDM). This cost-effective and optional accessory isolates the core of your EFI and ignition wiring into one, easy-to-use location. Simply slide the stripped wire ends under the positive lock connector and tighten down the set screw. Battery and a switched 12-volt source is all that’s required from your vehicle to power the PDM and your Sniper EFI. Make your classic drive like a modern fuel-injected vehicle, including easy cold starts, smooth drivability, and improved fuel economy! Sniper 2 is designed to be installed at home in your garage with limited tools and the support of Holley’s comprehensive installation manual and videos. The user-friendly setup wizard allows you to answer a few simple questions about your engine and the system will begin self-tuning with no laptop or tuning experience required. If you’re looking for a high-performance fuel injection system that delivers power, efficiency, and ease of use, look no further than the Sniper 2 EFI.