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Door Latches


64-70 Door Latch screw kit

Correct screws with special star washers. Set of six.  

67-70 Stainless Steel Door Latch Spring

Stainless Steel Door Latch Spring

65-68 Door Latch Reinforcement

Door Latch Reinforcement Kit Does Both Doors, 12 piece kit  

65-66 Door Latch Rod Retainer (White Replacement)

 Replacement style Door Latch Rod Retainer. An inexpensive way to get those doors working again.

64-66 Door Latch Rod Retainer

This is the original, concours type door rod retainer that connect the four rods to the latch and lock assemblies inside…

65-66 Door Latch Retainer Bushing

Door Latch Retainer Bushing. 4 piece kit  

65-66 Door Latch Assembly (RH)

Finally an affordable reproduction is available. Steel stamped complete latch

65-66 Pony Door Handle Shaft Assembly (RH)

Our assemblies feature totally new components made from our own tooling. They are also gold cadmium plated to resist rus…

64-66 Standard Door Latch & Link Assembly (RH)

A perfect reproduction. Stamped steel, precision-machined stem. All gold zinc. Also available in left hand.