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Disc Brake Components


Adjustable disc brake push rod set

Upon converting to manual disc brakes, this set eliminates excess pedal travel and insures quicker braking response. &n…

65-9 Shelby/baer w/drum spindle

Serious Street Plus brake system with aluminium intregal hubs and hoses and Shelby logo calipers.  

65-67 Disc Brake Rotor

65-67 Disc Brake Rotor Excellent quality replacements. Includes hub, studs, and bearing races. Single piece design.…

65-67 Disc Brake Rotor (Imported)

A good low priced rotor

65-66 Front Disc Brake Pads

Front Disc Brake Pads All new disc brake pads are supplied to us by brand name manufacturers for the best in customer sa…

65-67 Semi-Metallic Disc Prake Pads

High quality semi-metallic brake pads.

65-66 Disk Brake Caliper Piston

Steel Caliper Piston

65-67 Caliper Dust Seal Retainer

Steel retainer. One for each poiston is required.

65-66 Disc Brake Calipers

No core charge. These are new calipers using the finest quality parts. They feature new stainless steel pistons, all new…

65-67 Disc Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit

All necessary parts for overhauling disc brake calipers. Includes all new piston seals and dust boots. Each kit contains…