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Ultra-soft micro fibre towels

36 pack. Wash and reuse up to 100 times!

Workshop towels

10 rolls pack with 600 towelettes. Strong, absorbant and multi purpose.

Tire Shine

High gloss finish with long lasting protection.

California Gold showtime

Instant detailer. Ideal for all paint types including clearcoats.

All-round Protectant

Provides long lasting protection for tires, bumpers, vinyl, dashboards, door panels, running boards and window trim.…

Interior leather cleaner

PH blanaced to ensure a deep clean for all your smooth leather surfaces.

California Gold Carnauba cleaner wax

Wax is safe for clearcoats and remove oxidation and restores original colour.

16 Shamwow pack

NEW 8 large 20x23.5" towels and 8 mini 15x15" shamwow pack. Super absorbant towel, chamois and …

Brake Cleaner

Highly active peical cleaner for brake and clutch parts which dissolves oil, grease and other dirt. Indispensible for al…

Multi-purpose Lubricant

Multi-purpose lubricant ideal for dissolving rust, stopping squeeks and creeks, lunricating all moving parts and looseni…