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Adhesive & Cleaners


AccuMatch Surface Shine Sponge

AccuMatch™ Surface Shine Sponge, for easy maintenance of that brand new, "Just Painted" look.  …

Spray Adhesive

This industrial strength adhesive has many uses throughout the car and shop. Makes permanent or temporary bonds on metal…

Headliner Glue

This high strength glue comes in an easy to use 4 ounce container with brush applicator built into lid

Rearview Mirror Adhesive

Remounts rearview mirror bracket to windshield permanently. Mounting strength is 300 psi. Unaffected by hot and cold tem…

RAGGTOPP Vinyl Cleaner

This is the best cleaner we have found. It is the only cleaner that has been tested and endorsed by HAARTZ and the Ford …

Interior Preparation - Aids Adhesion

Is specially formulated as a self-leveling, high tech adhesion promoter, specifically formulated to fill nicks and scrat…

67-68 Dark Aqua Metallic Lacquer Spray Can

!967-68 Dark Aqua Metallic Lacquer paint in a convenient spray can