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65-68 Fastback Rear Seat Molding

Stamped steel construction and chrome plated. Complete 13 piece kit which includes hinge.  

65-66 Fastback Vent Slides

A beautiful reproduction of a commonly pitted part. Our slides and knobs are finished with highly polished chrome. Mount…

1965-6 Fastback Rear Trim Center Cap

Stamped steel trim cap used to attach narrow fastback interior moldings

65-66 Fastback Vent Slide Bezels

Beautifully chromed stamped steel bezels to replace those nasty originals.  

1965-66 Fastback Upper Panel Joint Cover

Painted dull black and pre-stamped with mounting hole. An exact fit.  

65-70 Rear sport deck bracket

The bracket that secures the sport deck to the car.  

65-66 FB trap door hinges,pair

Made as original, cadium plated made with proper spring tension.  

65-68 Fastback Trap Door Latch

Hold trap door in place. Galvanized to prevent rust. Correct hex button

65-66 FB trap door

Steel construction as original

65-66 Trap door prop assy

Cadium plated, made as original. Nice reproduction.