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64-70 Defroster Duct Clips

These clips hold the defroster outlet nozzles to the dashboard. Four (one set) are required for a complete installation.…

67-8 Firewall heater hose plug

Rubber plug for heater core or a/c holes on non-air conditioned cars  

1965 Hot Water Elbow (6 Cylinder)

Made by Scott Drake. Zinc plated for years of service. For 6 cylinders without A/C  

64-70 Defroster Hose

Hose is authentic flex style, made from original type polypropylene coated fabric.  

64-68 Heater Box Case Clamps

Special steel clamps that hold both halves of the heater box together

64-65 Heater Blower Motor

High quality replacement part at a reasonable price

65-67 Heater Resistor Assembly (3 Speed)

65-67 Heater Resistor Assembly  

64-68 Water Inlet Elbow (170,200, Silver Zinc)

These beautiful reproductions replace rusty and corroded originals

64-68 Air Vent Inlet Gasket (LH)

This is the seal for the air vent housing on the drivers (left hand) side, under the dash on Mustangs from 1964 through …

64-66 Defrost Control Cable

These parts are exactly like the originals. They feature correct cable covers, color coding, wire type and ends