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Exterior Hardware


Serrated Flange Nut 5/16 x 18

A 5/16x18 serrated flange nut that is used in several locations throughout the car where a self locking nut is essential…

64-66 Vent Seal Edge Rivets

Correct black oxide semi-tubular rivet. 10 piece set  

64-66 Headlamp Door Retainer Clip Kit

Mounts on headlamp assembly, headlamp door screws attach to this clip. 8 piece kit  

64-68 Fender To Cowl Nut Set

Pair of captive nuts on stamped steel winged plates. Snaps into rocker. Very special nut hard to find.  …

64-68 Backup Lamp Spacers

Stamped steel and zinc plated. Mounts on backup lamp housing stud between rear valence and nut. 4 piece set.  …

64-70 Rear Valance Hardware

Rear Valance Hardware kit contains 2 clips and 2 nuts

1964-66 Rear Valance Fastener

This is the correct one, not an after market product off the shelf, but made from our own tooling. Plated to prevent rus…

Emblem Barrel Clips (Large)

A must when re-mounting emblems. Correct in every way.  

Emblem Barrel Clip (Medium)

These are the medium sized barrel clips, they measure 1/8 th of an inch inside diameter and have a depth of 1/4 inch.…

64-68 Rear Valance Hardware

Rear Valance hardware kit contains 11 screws