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Shifter, Clutch & Differential Hardware


64-68 A/T shift cover screws

Correct color and size

Pressure Plate Bolts

These are the real thing, not just a generic copy  

65-68 3 Speed Shifter Spring

This part may not look like a spring, but in this case it acts as one on the three speed shifter.  

65-68 4 Speed Shifter Spring

This is the tension spring that goes behind the trunnion at the base of the manual shifter. The kit is also available se…

65-68 Shifter Trunnions

These are the metal cups that are located at the end of the shifter to firm up a loose, wobbly shifter. They are also so…

65-68 Shifter Trunnions

These are located at the base of the manual shift lever. Also available in the kit, C5ZZ-7208-A.  

64-73 Rear End Housing Nut And Washer Kit (20 Piece)

Original style, cadmium plated self-locking nuts. Kit includes 10 nuts and 10 washers

68-73 Differential housing nut/washers, red nuts

A set of nuts and washers