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Fuel Tanks & Components


64-68 Fuel tank filler mount screw set

Special sheet metal screws used to attach filler tube to tail lamp panel. Cadmium plated. Screw on fuel caps only, not f…

64-70 Filler Pipe Hose Clamps

Original style wire clamps for retaining the filler hose to the tank standpipe and filler neck.  

64-68 Fuel Tank with Drain

This hand crafted gas tank uses industry standard Ni-Terne steel, and is manufactured by a Canadian company known for le…

64-68 Fuel Tank Mounting Kit

Includes eleven cadmium plated sheet metal screws, one black oxide captive washer bolt, and one “J” plate nu…

64-68 Fuel tank/stainless steel

Quality stainless steel gas tank for years of rust free service. Has drain plug

64-66 Fuel Inlet Filler Tube

64-66 Fuel inlet filler tube. Perfect copy of the original. Plated to stop corrosion.  

64-71 Fuel Filler Flange Gasket

These reproduction seals are made from fuel resistant cork and are perfect replacements for restorations or service. Wil…

67-68 Fuel Inlet Filler Tube

67-68 Fuel inlet filler tube. Perfect copy of the original. Plated to stop corrosion

65-70 Fuel Tank Filler Hose (6 Inch)

American made fuel resistant rubber. Perfect fit.  

68-70 Fuel Filler Hose (with Logo)

Our high quality filler hose but with two red stripes and the name AUTOLITE imprinted for that little extra detail. &nb…