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Under-Hood Electrical


64-73 Starter Solinoid (Aftermarket)

This is a good quality starter solenoid at compeditive price

64-65 Oil Pressure Sending Unit

These senders screw into block and activate warning light when oil pressure is lost or give accurate reading to oil pres…

64-72 Autolite Sta-Ful Battery 500 amps (Group 24)

Our Autolite Sta-Ful batteries are authentic reproductions of the originals that use the original case, and not just cov…

Autolite Battery Top Cover

Great at shows for an original look. Fits over the top of any group 24 top-post battery  

Voltage Regulator (1964 with generator)

We stock these original appearing regulators for all 1964-1973 Mustangs. Features the proper cover and original logos. I…

64 Generator Regulator Cover (Black/Blue)

64 Gen Regulator Cover, Black/Blue  

64 25 Amp Generator Regulator Cover

25 Amp Generator Regulator Cover  

1964 Motorcraft Voltage Regulator For Generator

An alternative to original-appearing regulator, these units are standard Motorcraft replacements.  …

64 Horn Relay

Mounts on the radiator support for generator equipped cars

64 Generator Harness (6 Cylinder)

Attaches to the back of alternator or generator. Plugs into main headlight harness and grounds to the block. Features co…